Dear colleagues

It is my great honor and pleasure to welcome you to the Echo Seoul and Cardiac Imaging 2017. The noninvasive imaging diagnosis is an important surrogate of invasive diagnostic tools, which is not an exception in cardiology field. In the earlier Echo Seoul and Cardiac Imaging conferences, we have mainly focused on the best utilization of echocardiography and other cardiac imaging modalities in the patient management, and also on introducing the state-of-art knowledge in these imaging modalities. We believe that these two objectives can best be achieved by discussing cases. Therefore, in addition to formal lecture series in this year’s Echo Seoul and Cardiac Imaging, we have allocated a lot of time on case presentation in either a teaching or a quiz format.

For the past two or three years, we have come to notice a steep rise of the level of the audience attending the Echo Seoul and Cardiac Imaging. Therefore, as a new direction of the Echo Seoul and Cardiac Imaging for the upcoming years, we are planning to focus our conference more on the individual disease entity and practical usage of cardiac imaging in the patient management, rather than on the imaging technology itself, i.e. what imaging modality needs to be picked up for best results or for evaluating the status of any given disease.

This year, as with our previous meetings, we strongly believe that distinguished guest speakers abroad, who are expertise in the field of cardiology, will enrich our meeting. Those who attend the conference are expected to have an unforgettable opportunity to communicate with them.

We believe that you would not want to miss the Echo Seoul and Cardiac Imaging 2017 on this December. We are sure that you will enjoy the educational as well as the social activities provided by the Echo Seoul and Cardiac Imaging 2017. We are looking forward to seeing every one of you in the Echo Seoul and Cardiac Imaging 2017 on this upcoming December.

Dae-Won Sohn